The very creation of the term "Grand Slam" is nothing but somebody concocting something. Alan Gould of The Reading Eagle coined this term, as did John Kieran of NYT. Gould was a frequent coiner. He created the term "double eagle" in golf. Those who claim a CYGS is somehow sacrosanct, are just BSing as usual. These are all creations, including non-CYGS, career Slam, Golden Slam. Each is a feat begging for someone to coin a term. I'm a traditionalist and don't mind the calendar year GS at all.


But to say other feats are lesser is nonsense. Even weirder are those who go into extended diatribes about what is a "slam", what is a "Grand Slam", what is a major, etc., etc. Get a life. I think Nolé's 4-in-a-row is an incredible, not achieved by anyone else except Don Budge who did it spanning 1937-38. Likewise, the the feats of Martina 84-85 and Serena's 2014-15 feat were remarkable too.

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