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This is terrific news to read. Having watched a close family member suffer through Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I feel for Carla and am amazed at her resilience. We should all wish her the very best on her return.

'I'm cured!' - Carla Suarez Navarro completes Hodgkin lymphoma treatment, slated to play French Open

"It's hard to imagine he won't win Wimbledon" - Jim Courier. Where's a recorder when you need one?? Always useful when someone like Courier says such things about a younger player (Tsitsipas in this case). Purely for future reference. Best to store it for future reference.

Ons Jabeur is the female Nadal. He keeps picking his wedgie, she keeps tugging on her cycling undershorts 😄

Seems like every time I look up see how the Evans-Goffin match is going, Goffin misses a shot.

Paula Badosa plays "big babe" tennis. Can she impose her power over Barty? Up a break now. Badosa's biography is very interesting. After winning the junior French Open championship, she went through the wilderness and bouts of mental health issues, she did well in the 2020 RG, beating Stephens and Ostapenko. But she railed at the shabby treatment meted out to her in Australia after she "tested positive" for COVID.

Wearing masks has turned every tennis coach into a Lendl-like, poker-faced island of calm amidst stormy seas. They’re pretty much useless props for everything else.

So when should Serena retire? Irrespective what Tiriac says (and he has a right to say what he feels, if free speech is a thing), Serena continues to play and hope for that elusive major title to equal Margaret Court's record. In the meanwhile, of course, M5M has been busy questioning everything about Court, not least her record. That's a "just-in-case" solution.

Good to see these new names - Sinner and Hurkacz - reaching a Masters 1K final.

Bravo Sebi Korda, bravo! What a fightback 👏

High quality first set. Barring that one blip when he served for the set, Rublev managed Korda's pace, showed he has more steel at the right moments. Will the youngster make another comeback and show his mettle against one of the form players of the season? Korda has already showed us a lot of game. Let's see if he can come from behind.

Fine win for Hurkacz against Tsitsipas. Didn’t lose focus or heart after losing the first set.

Today’s Miami Open winner predictions according to the oddsmakers.

Good to see Max in Nishikori’s team. Hopefully he can help add new dimensions to Kei’s game.

Max Mirnyi Excited To Lead Team Japan, Happy With Kei Nishikori's Preparations - ATP Cup 2021 Preview | ATP Tour | Tennis

- Here are odds for upcoming matches, mainly from the Miami Open. Rublev-Fucsovics is the crazy points spread of the day!

Korda has taken it to Fognini. I thought he returned and served quite passively in the first set and Fognini took it easy. The kid has played superbly and is now serving for this match by out-muscling the Italian. He's made Fognini look like a scrambler by taking him out of his comfort zone of standing near the baseline and dictating play.

This next game service game is going to be tough for Korda. He's going to try serving out the set. Personally, I feel the changeover hurts the server, particularly a youngster like Sebi. He will have time to think of what he needs to do, which adds more pressure. If he were to continue playing without a break, the momentum would help. These are things most club players, who don't follow all these "rules", don't have to contend with. He's played very well in set #2. Very impressed!

Very thoughtful and well-written piece. could use more of this but mainstream media is busy shilling as usual for the establishment.

Hi all. Check the "local" timeline for news from our little network. The "federated" timeline currently shows other networks in Mastodon, mostly all tech stuff.

In any analysis of tennis, it is imperative that we look at both the ATP and the WTA. Looking at the latest revised rankings system - - it is fairly clear they are taking their cues from the ATP. In fact, the WTA always seems to lag the ATP, always playing follow-the-leader. Pro women's tennis may be the biggest women's sport in the world. But it sure behaves as if it is in the death throes. They are suffering far worse due to 2020 than the ATP tour.

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