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Did Medvedev just send his coach packing from courtside? The wheels on this bus are going round and round, but also going off the bus!

We’ve heard very little about the Kerch Strait or the Sea of Azov prior to 2022.

Black Sea Geopolitics and Russia's Control of Strategic Waterways: The Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov - Global Research

I'm with @MoeFactz on drag queens, not so much with @adam who seemed to suggest that they were more benign in the last Moe Factz with Adam Curry.

@chris Is NAS completely offline today? Keep seeing an error message, not even the usual spinning wheel.

@chris Is NAS completely offline today? Keep seeing an error message, not even the usual spinning wheel.

Hurkacz is hanging on in this match primarily because of his serve. It's a toss-up every time he gets into a rally with Murray. I'm still amazed by how well Murray is playing.

Why is a withdrawal (walkover) not counted as a loss in tennis? I see no reason why this should not be counted as a "loss". When a player ends a match owing to an injury, aka retirement, it does count towards his/her losses. Seems like another trick pulled out by some players to protect their records.

As I watched Giron playing Gojowczyk, I realized why he was so upset when he was up 5-2 and it was deuce on the German's server. Giron was upset he could not break. He then proceeded to serve out the set. Thereafter, Giron has completely collapsed mentally. I was watching my son's tennis matches last weekend and realized how players lose concentration and focus so quickly. Giron is no different. Lost intensity and focus. Of course, Gojowczyk is playing far better now as well.

But to say other feats are lesser is nonsense. Even weirder are those who go into extended diatribes about what is a "slam", what is a "Grand Slam", what is a major, etc., etc. Get a life. I think Nolé's 4-in-a-row is an incredible, not achieved by anyone else except Don Budge who did it spanning 1937-38. Likewise, the the feats of Martina 84-85 and Serena's 2014-15 feat were remarkable too.

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The very creation of the term "Grand Slam" is nothing but somebody concocting something. Alan Gould of The Reading Eagle coined this term, as did John Kieran of NYT. Gould was a frequent coiner. He created the term "double eagle" in golf. Those who claim a CYGS is somehow sacrosanct, are just BSing as usual. These are all creations, including non-CYGS, career Slam, Golden Slam. Each is a feat begging for someone to coin a term. I'm a traditionalist and don't mind the calendar year GS at all.

Watching Brooksby for the first time. Not impressed. Looks like a college player throw among the ATP wolves. If Anderson’s ground game is making him uncomfortable, there’s definitely room for a lot of improvement.

This has been an unbelievably long break after set 1. Can’t understand how they allow such an extended break.

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